Editor: [Pat Thomas?]
Publisher: The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society-- Horizon
Date: First edition (A4):
Reprint (A5 digest):

Judith M. Seaman, "Oblivion" (S3)
J. Hawley, "Destiny" (Dorian Trilogy, part 1; S0; Dorian)
J. Hawley, "Flashback" (Dorian Trilogy, part 2; S4-S0; So, So/Dorian)
Heidi Dennis, "Child's Play" (S3)

Heather Lulham cover So, Dorian
David Nicol p. 27 cartoon

Review by Julia Jones

No outstanding stories, but not a waste of money.

Oblivion - Judith M Seaman

Hmm. I want to like this story, I really do, but... It's set on the Liberator, with the third season crew. And yet it's set after Terminal. Not just a slip of the pen, but frequent mentions of Terminal, significant to the plot. While I have no intrinsic objection to AU stories that play fast and loose with the timeline, I prefer this to be stated up front unless there are good spoilerish reasons not to, and there aren't in this case. I found it very off-putting. Added to this, it's a third season version of Tarrant, one who's trying to take the ship away from Avon, and a particularly nasty one at that. I was getting a feeling of Tarrant being put down to make Avon look better in comparison. I don't think the Tarrant Nostra would like this one.

Other than that, it's an entertaining little story of the crew coming across a brutalised man who might or might not be Blake, and having to deal with the problems of identification while handling their own little problems of plague loose aboard the ship. I disliked the story, but those with different prejudices might enjoy it.

Destiny - J Hawley

Part 1 of the Dorian trilogy. This one provides a backstory for Dorian, and there are some nice concepts in the story. Unfortunately, the first half of the story is in flashback with a great deal of telling rather than showing, making it less interesting to read than it might have been, but it's worth perservering with.

Flashback - J Hawley

Part 2 of the Dorian trilogy. Soolin's backstory this time. Good suggestions about exactly how Soolin learnt her gunslinger skills from the man she intended to kill, and how she became involved with Dorian. The author's technical skills have improved with this one.

Child's Play - Heidi Dennis

The crew are stranded on a planet where the things they imagine can become real. The creature responsible is lonely, and doesn't want to let them go. It's a staple SF plot, but pleasantly done.

Average zine, but not a waste of money.

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