Editor: [Pat Thomas?]
Publisher: The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society-- Horizon
Date: First edition (A4): (Reprinted February 1987)
Reprint (A5 digest in Oct 1996):

Judith M. Seaman, "The Last Planet" (S4; A-hc, uc A/Se)
Heidi Dennis, "The Heinan Affair" (S3; uc Ta/ocf; D-hc)

Heather Lulham, Limericks

Heather Lulham cover illo for "The Last Planet"

Review By Julia Jones

(1996 digest format reprint)

This one contains two novellas, and the digest reprint has been typeset and contains interior art. I know at least some of the art wasn't in the original A4 printing, as it was drawn in 1993, so presumably Horizon took the opportunity to add interior art when the early zines went through type-setting and layout for the new A5 digest editions. I'm glad they did, as there's some nice art in this one. My particular favourites are Val Westall's Avon on p54 and Richard Farrell's Tarrant on p74.

The Last Planet - Judith M Seaman

A Judith Seaman story that's safe for a Blake fan to read:-) Avon and Servalan are stranded on a desert planet, dependent on each other and the small rebel colony on the planet for their survival. Avon has been badly injured, and the emotional link he has with Servalan is one of the things keeping him alive. Avon's need for Servalan is one of the things keeping *her* alive. The set-up for this scenario is well-written, and the characterisation is excellent. Lovely uc A/Se relationship, lots of good Avon h/c with Servalan as the comforter. And at the end we have one of the major themes of Blake's 7 - trust, and the keeping or betrayal thereof.

The Heinan Affair - Heidi Dennis

S3 action-adventure McGuffin hunt, with Tarrant getting a good share of the limelight. I thought the ocf was more than a tad Mary-Sue, but I read this zine straight after Horizon 2, which contained a long, tedious, shameless Mary-Sue by the same author, so I may just have been more inclined to see M-S while reading this one.

I loved the Judith Seaman story, and thought the other novella readable. I'd recommend the zine.

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