Editor: [Pat Thomas?]
Publisher: The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society-- Horizon
Date: First edition (A4):
Reprint (A5 digest):

Ewan Haggerty, "Enter Prometheus" (S3; D-Se)
Christine Knowles, "Of a Kind...." (S2; post-Gambit; Tr/ocf)
Helen West, "A Niche in Time" (S2; real world crossover)
Eileen Duffield, "Later Than You Think" (S1?; V)
Heidi Dennis, "Companionship" (S3; Ta-hc, Ta/ocf)

? cover Liberator

Review By Julia Jones

(Original A4 edition) An early zine, and it shows it - the authors, and editors, haven't had the opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others. The only art in the original edition is the Liberator on the front cover.

Enter Prometheus - Ewan Haggarty

I don't know whether it's supposed to be a parody or not... A number of technical flaws, not least the inability to walk the line between lush description and purple prose, or at least decide which side to stay on. The characterisations are badly off as well. However, it's an early fanfic look at one of the strengths of B7 - the villains see themselves as the good guys - and the writer shows promise.

Of a Kind... - Christine Knowles

A lovely piece of Travis h/c. Freedom City post-Gambit, and Travis is considering his options. They're a bit limited, given that his cybernetic arm doesn't work and his shoulder is infected (so technically AU post-Gambit). Then he meets someone who's willing to help... Excellent story, with a good original character whose motives are plausible rather than in the realms of Mary-Sue. I recommend this one to the members of FinalAct.

A Niche in Time - Helen West

Someone should have taken this author's thesaurus away . The very first sentence includes "jibed Vila", and there are another seven different dialogue attributions, including the delightful "interjected Jenna", before we get to someone who simply said something. That aside, it's a lightweight but entertaining look at Avon, Vila and Jenna coping with one of Orac's little pranks. They've been sent back in time to 1980, and get to spend the evening in a disco and then MacDonalds.

Later Than You Think - Eileen Duffield

Vignette in which Vila unknowingly meets a ghost.

Companionship - Heidi Dennis

There's a stowaway on Liberator. A stowaway with long red hair, violet eyes, long long legs that are barely covered by a skimpy skirt, high intelligence, and she's the daughter of the man who designed the Liberator. She can operate the ship better than the crew can, she can rescue them single-handed. Her name is Em Zephyr, but it should be Em Sue. That's Em for Mary, as in Mary Sue. I forced myself to read all 55 pages in the hope that things would improve. They didn't. Avoid.

In essence, one short story that demonstrates how a Mary Sue character can be handled well, one novella that demonstrates the opposite, and some so-so stories. Unfortunately the Mary Sue novella constitutes two thirds of the zine, and the only story worth buying the zine for is only eight pages long. Worth getting if you can pick it up cheaply second-hand.

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