Publisher: Horizon, The Blake's Seven Appreciation Society

Helen Pitt, "The Power and the Glory" (S2; post-Horizon; G)
Ros Williams, "Afterdeath-- The 'Authentic' Alternative P.G.P." (alt-S4-5; humor)
Kathryn Cutmore, "The Coward's Way" (S3)
Wendy Ingle, "Night-Watching" (S3?; C)
Fliss Davies, "Recognition" (S3?; A)

Tim Pieraccini front c. B, A, J, C, V
back c. A
Fliss Davies p. 11a G, C
p. 11b B
p. 48 G
p. 87 C
p. 92 C
Valerie Leibson p. 55a A on GP
p. 73 D
Rory Hull p. 55b hand w/ gun
p. 70 A cartoon
David Nicol p. 55b Fed trooper
Kevin Davies p. 90 A

Review by Julia Jones

As usual with later Horizon zines, some nice artwork, although nothing outstanding enough to be worth buying the zine for if none of the stories appeal.

I utterly loathed one of the stories in this volume, and unfortunately it's the longest one, fully half the page count. Another long story isn't really enjoyable if you're not familiar with the material being parodied. The remaining stories are good, but only about a quarter of the page count in total, and I don't think any are "must haves".

The Power and the Glory - Helen Pitt

Blake-bashing *and* Travis-bashing in one story... If you think that Blake is a crazed fanatic who is intent on ruling the Federation, regardless of the cost to others, you may well enjoy this story. If you think that Travis is a swaggering braggart who revels in being evil, you may well enjoy this story. All I can say is that the author clearly watched a completely different series to the one I saw. A good author can convince me that Blake is corruptible, but this author isn't good enough. She certainly can't convince me that Blake was corrupt from the start by simply repeating this over and over in the narrator's voice. I finished it for the purpose of reviewing the zine. I won't be reading it again. It's badly-written rubbish. Unfortunately it's also half of the zine page count.

Afterdeath - the 'authentic' alternative PGP - Ros Williams

Somthing tells me that Ros Williams wasn't impressed with _Afterlife_... I abandoned the story when it moved from an alternative version of _Blake_ to taking the piss out of _Afterlife_, since it's not all that funny when you haven't read past the first few pages of that being parodied. I suspect that those more familiar with the original novel will enjoy this.

The Coward's Way - Kathryn Cutmore

A third series McGuffin hunt results in Avon being captured. Vila volunteers to rescue him. Competently written A-V, with nice characterisation for Avon and Vila. It does short-change Tarrant somewhat, suggesting that he'd leave Avon behind. For all Tarrant's faults, that's one thing that I think the boy can't be accused of. Other than that, I enjoyed this story.

Night-watching - Wendy Ingle

Vignette with Cally waiting for her turn on night watch as she, Avon and Vila wait for the Liberator to make pick-up. Short and effective.

Recognition - Fliss Davies

Vignette with Avon and Tarrant meeting a man who may or may not be Blake. I didn't find it convincing, but those with different tastes may like it better.

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