Avon 8

Review by Julia Jones

I've now worked my way through the various Avon Club zines I own.

General comments on the zines:

A5, with the size of print apparently reduced from A4 in some zines, so older readers will need to get their glasses out. The copies I have are fairly clear print.

They don't appear to have been edited at all - there are a number of typos, and a couple of places where planet names etc. have been mixed up. The paragraph layout is rather bizarre, making for unnecessary work in reading.

Avon 8

"Dependency", Ros Williams

Single story zine, as are most of the Avon Club zines. The story starts in the last scene of Blake, except Avon actually gives Blake a chance to explain, thus leading into a fifth season story with Blake still alive and kicking. But Blake has a secret, one that could be lethal.

It does not bode well that I got halfway through reading this zine before realising that I had read it before, and probably less than a year ago. There are some good ideas, but the story doesn't really hold me. All right, so I'm a grumpy old fart, but I don't like being made to play POV Ping-Pong, and I'd rather be shown than told about the characters' emotions. Bouncing around from one head to another every paragraph or two is not my idea of being drawn into the story. I'm also not particularly convinced by some of the characterisations, especially that of Soolin.

There were too many things that set my teeth on edge for me to enjoy this zine. Those with different prejudices may like it better.

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