Avon 10

Review by Julia Jones

I've now worked my way through the various Avon Club zines I own.

General comments on the zines:

A5, with the size of print apparently reduced from A4 in some zines, so older readers will need to get their glasses out. The copies I have are fairly clear print.

They don't appear to have been edited at all - there are a number of typos, and a couple of places where planet names etc. have been mixed up. The paragraph layout is rather bizarre, making for unnecessary work in reading.

Avon 10

"The Sum of the Parts", Susan Barrett

An alternative version of _Rescue_, where Blake really is on Terminal, and dependent on life support. The survivors are "rescued" by Dorian, and taken to Xenon Base, where matters proceed a little differently owing to Blake's presence in the medical unit - and Servalan's presence on Xenon. A plausible, well-written look at a "what-if" scenario.

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