Tales from Space City #3

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Editor/Publisher: Helen Patrick
Date: December 2002
Format: digest, half letter size, 76 pp. plus inside covers, pale gray card cover, center staples

Belatrix Carter, "Someone to Watch Your Back" (same universe as Executrix, "Backup Disk;" S1; A/B; 10 pp.)
Executrix, "Backup Disk" (same universe as Belatrix Carter, "Someone to Watch Your Back; " S1; A/B; 7 pp.)
Belatrix Carter, "Natural Habitat" (S1; A/B; 9 pp.)
Executrix, "Breakup Value" (S1, Breakdown; A/Farren, uc A/B, implied past B/Bram Foster; 6 pp.)
Tom Forsyth, "My Love Is Like a Purple, Purple Prose" (S?; J/robot; humor; 1 p.)
Predatrix, "Living Doll" (S2; A/B android, A/B; 18 pp.)
Manna, "Mindswap" (S3, post-Ultraworld - S4; A/C, uc A/B; 11 pp.)
Anna S., "Closing the File" (gen; S5; A; 5 pp.)
Sally Manton, "Party Peace" (S5; A/B; 7 pp.)
Sally Manton, "The Past Is an Open Book" (gen; S5, long after GP; 3 pp.)

Tom Forsyth, "Self-inflating..." (humorous mini-essay; A/Ta)
Helen Patrick, "On web vs. zines" (mini-essay)
Tom Forsyth, "Planet Names" (mini-essay)
Helen Patrick, "Editorial," "Submission Guidelines"

Willa Shakespeare, front cover, photo manip, from Gambit
Helen Patrick and Photoshop, assorted photos

Posted on 21st of December 2007

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