Dark Duel

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Avon and ServalanAvon and Soolin
Avon -The Dark Angel of Blake's 7 - in tales of treachery, betrayal, angst, and occassional humour. Stories that explore the enigmatic anti-hero's sensual, dynamic, relationships with his formidable adversary, Servalan and his implacable ally, Soolin.

Contents include:

She was alive then. Tarrant's news cut through him, stealing his words for a few moments before he could produce the response he knew Dayna sought.

"I need to kill her myself."

His nemesis, enemy, desire, alter ego. Servalan.

Once he would have taken her life in a heartbeat. Now, he owed her.

Space Rat by Hera.

Avon stretched against the wall, a shifting of weary limbs. The rebellion was over and Servalan had won. Perhaps she would always win, everything but their battle. That he would never concede, no matter what she did. She was cunning and cruel, and ruthless without restraint, but there was nothing that she could do to him that hadn't been done before - by experts.

The Wall by Linda.

"Blake's government is in trouble. He's instituted changes faster than the planets in his democratic confederacy can absorb. They're hungry for structure, for leadership, for someone to tell them what to do. You and I could bring them that structure."

"Not again," he groaned. "I wasn't interested on Sarren; what makes you think I'd want it now?"

He hadn't seen that grin on her face for some time. It was the true essence of Servalan: evil, corrupt, and conscienceless.

Gratitude by Morrigan.

The zine features extensive illustrations by Val Westall, winner of Blake's 7 Artist - Gen Fan-Q Award 2000.

Zine Details

Publication Date: February/March 2001.

Price: To be announced. Advance orders accepted

Classification: Heterosexual adult. NC-17. Age Statement required

Enquiries to: Dark Angel Publications, c/o 12 Bransby Avenue, Blackley, Manchester, M9 6JN, England. Or e.mail darkangel@westallv.freeserve.co.uk

Posted on 04th of February 2001

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