Eternal Return

- (Kathy Resch) (86 pgs) - A Pros novel by Amber Skye - gorgeous full color cover by TACS. ‘Love, having no geography, knows no boundaries'. SLASH (Age Statement Required)

No Holds Barred

(Kathleen Resch) Professionals SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Other Times & Places

(Kathleen Resch) Professionals Slash - Characters based very loosely upon Bodie and Doyle. The concept of this fanzine is to take these characters to the outer limits... and beyond. To stretch the readers imagination.

SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Shadows Over The Land

- (Kathleen Resch) Professionals SLASH (edited by Nina Boal) SLASH (Age Statement Required)

Soul Surrender

- (Kathleen Resch) Professional Slash - a Novel by Amanda Warrington.

Exerpt and more details

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In the late 1980s Noel Silva did several Pros zines built around a particular "theme" - a phrase such as "up against the wall" or "slippery when wet" which needed to be incorporated into each story. The zines originally had small print runs. She has now collected them in two volumes, and they are once again available.

  • THE PROS THEME ZINE Volume I - 271 pages - Contains the zines "Coming From Behind", "Open All Night", "Over the Top", "Right Down to the Belt", and "In The Lift".

    COMING FROM BEHIND: One Heart by Sharon Fetter; Guilty Pleasures by Too Loose; Behind and Again by M.A. Calhoon; Beautiful Black by Ann; Coming From Behind & Winning by Kris Brown; Timothy by Too Loose.

    OPEN ALL NIGHT: Old Man's Fantasy by DVS; Valentine's Day by Sharon Fetter; Shirt Tales V by Meg Lewton; Shirt Tales VI by Meg Lewton.

    OVER THE TOP: Approval by M.A. Calhoon; Death Us Do Part by Too Loose.

    RIGHT DOWN TO THE BELT: Ordinary, Every Day Things by Kris Brown; Lovers' Quarrel by Elaine Holden; Turnabout - story by Noel Silva, written by Kris Brown; Getting Right Down To It by Shoshanna; Speaking in Tongues by Susan Douglass; Hors de Combat by Elara Hall; For Baby & Me by Lily Fulford.

    IN THE LIFT: In the Lift by Sirena; Thank You by Ellis Ward; An Uplifting Opportunity by Kris Brown; A Dream is a Wish by Lily Fulford; Beyond Acceptance by M.A. Calhoon; Dark Secrets by Sharon Fetter.

  • THE PROS THEME ZINE Volume II - 360 pages - Contains the zines "Slippery When Wet", "Across the Table" and "Up Against The Wall".

    SLIPPERY WHEN WET: Slippery... Wet or Dry by M.A. Calhoun; Something New - Patt (poem); Gifts by Kris Brown; Drifting - Patt (poem); Kissing With Confidence by H.G.; Hot - Patt (poem); Ship of Fools by Too Loose.


    ACROSS THE TABLE: Separate Tables by MCK; Breakthru by Andrea McKay; Evolution by Ann; Future Tense by Sharon Fetter; Under Surveillance by Ellis Ward; To Tell The Truth by Too Loose; Across and Under The Table by Kris Brown; Summer in the City by Lily Fulford.

    UP AGAINST THE WALL: Farewell, Miami Vice by Meg Lewton; Against the Wall by GC; Fulfillment by Diva; Danger by Lily Fulford; Consequences of the Job by Kris Brown; El Muro Depiedra Des Trescientos Amantes (The Stone Wall of 300 Lovers) by MCK; Quiet Efforts by Shoshanna; White Swallow by Mozart; Kink by Courtney Grey; Any Port in the Storm by Too Loose; Fly on the Wall by Lezlie Shell; Cocktale by Gavin Blue; Gay Paree by Randi O. Toad.

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