X-Plicit Fantasies 3

An all X-Files slash zine

There are 158 pages (double columned and 11 pt type) of stories, poetry and limericks by some of the finest fannish writers in X-Files.

Here are some hints from the zine:

The View from Bellville Flats (Mulder/Skinner) by MJ -- This is an alternate universe featuring most of the characters from the X-Files in Post Civil War Texas.

1867 brought changes to Bellville Flats, Texas. The spur line from the main railroad was certainly the biggest thing to happen since Bellville Flats was founded, proclaimed the Bellville Gazette, Hank Watson, Editor and Publisher. The hiring of a new sheriff, Brian Pendrell, a small, red-haired Irishman, was of less historic importance, but perhaps of more immediate use in dealing with the cattle war that had been going on outside of town, and with the stagecoach robberies in the county. The death of Eugene Skinner, owner of the Horseshoe "S" Ranch, was the source of real interest to the town, however, since old Gene Skinner, a bluff, hearty man, quick with a whiskey at the saloon and equally quick with a rifle on the local rustlers, was a matter of local legend. Word was that his nephew was coming from out East to take over old Gene's spread. 23 pages

Truth, Lies and In-between (Mulder/Krycek) by Garnet -- We weren't really partners, not officially anyway, but then I wasn't really an FBI agent when it came down to it. Not that Mulder knew that, though he distrusted me on general principle, especially those first few days. Despite my smooth-faced boyish good nature. My openness. My apparent willingness to believe.

It was almost painful to play that part. To pretend that I was innocent, naive. A trifle squeamish even. 13 pages

Pripizdit (Mulder/Krycek) by Jen Collins -- Krycek remembered the night the roles of teacher/student reversed. The smoker spent the evening fishing for phrases of Russian. Gleeful at the prospect, he bought Krycek shot after shot of vodka, asking how to say this and how to say that. One term he asked for was how you might indicate a beating involving force just shy of fatal. Pripizdit. The smoker mastered it immediately. 23 pages

Faceless Strangers (Mulder/Krycek) by Serious Moonlight -- When Krycek entered the men's room he saw the man standing at the far end of the urinals already relieving himself. Krycek walked over to him, still keeping a respectful distance between them. The man realized he was no longer alone and glanced upwards. Dark eyes met Krycek's who automatically smiled at the stranger. Inside his chest Krycek's heart was pounding. The dim lighting in the toilet was bright compared with the darkness of the club and he got his first good look at the man he'd followed. The guy was gorgeous! 18 pages

The Lateness of the Hour (Mulder/Krycek) by Cody Nelson -- this was only the second time he'd ever lain with Mulder, hazy and content in the afterglow of sex, and while twice was so much sweeter and more wondrous than once, he was still wary of it, still half-expecting Mulder to turn angry and cold and order him out of his bed and out of his life, sneering at him, voice heavy with hatred, saying, *No, I don't want you. I lied, this is betrayal, how do you like it?*. 20 pages

Detour (Skinner/Krycek) by Andy -- Walt really didn't know what had possessed him to stop at a bar at all, let alone this bar. He had better booze at home, the music was irritating, and he couldn't decide who was more bored, the blonde on stage or him. Only inertia kept him in his seat; when the server asked if he wanted another, he shook his head and got to his feet. Stupid to have come in here at all; it was too close to Quantico, too easy to be noticed by someone who'd report back on behavior inappropriate for an A.D. His jaw clenched as he considered the various things that were and were not deemed inappropriate within the Machiavellian world of the Bureau. 4 pages

Deliverance (Mulder/Krycek) by Sylvia -- The clean-up squad's main target had obviously been the subterranean laboratory. If Mulder hadn't known beforehand that this research institute was a cover for one of the Consortium's projects, he could only have guessed what the purpose of the compound had been. 3 pages

Pride Doth Go (Mulder/Skinner) by Jill -- "You can't...you can't leave me out here, I'm gonna freeze to death..."

"Just think warm thoughts."

Mulder watched with a disapproving eye as Walter Skinner, Assistant Director of the FBI manhandled the prisoner. Not that he had any right to disapprove, really. For the past few hours he'd beaten that same prisoner himself every chance he got. It was, in all honesty, the reason Mulder *didn't* want Skinner to touch him like that--he realized what emotions the beatings really masked, and Mulder didn't particularly relish the idea of Skinner feeling that way about the other man. 3 pages

Cuts You Up (Krycek) by Annie Oates -- Crimson fell and spread. Water diluting the perfect sphere of blood. Life flowed from his flesh, only to be lost in the white pool around him. The water burning hot. The stained, chipped porcelain, ice against his back. His arm stretched beyond him, resting on the edge. The cut welling up and dripping into the water. There was no pain. Only the shocking contrast of red on white. 3 pages

Guilty Pleasures (Mulder/Krycek) by Garnet -- I pulled the trigger and watched the old man fall, watched him crumple to the floor, his pills still clutched in his hand. A moment later, I dove out the window and ran for the car where Luis was waiting for me. My back-up, if I didn't do the job right, if I failed. Not that there could have been any way for me to fail. 10 pages

Lullaby (Mulder/Krycek) by Zen&nancy -- Lying naked on the bed, face down, I wait. He knows I need this time to lose myself, to forget everything but the anticipation of the knife. I can't tell where my body ends and the bed begins anymore, I've been laying here motionless for so long they've blended together. 1 page

NYD (Mulder/Krycek) by Nicole S. -- Alex...his Alex. His Alex that he hadn't seen in over a week. He said he had some personal business to take care of, whatever that was. He had been hoping for a call, a message, anything from him. Nothing had come in 10 days. Mulder was getting concerned. He hoped he wasn't in trouble somewhere or anything. Alex's e-mail address changed so often he wasn't sure which one to use anymore. He had to just sit back and let Alex contact him when he was ready, which drove him nuts. 7 pages

And more...stories, poetry and limericks.

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