X-Plicit Fantasies 2

An all X-Files slash zine

featuring both Mulder/Krycek and Mulder/Skinner stories.

Nominated as best X-Files slash zine in 1998

"Drink To Me Only" (M/K) by Jane Symons~ "Are those the only kinds of magazines you have in stock?" he asked her.

"This is a sperm bank, Mr. Wittaker, not a public library."

Krycek felt his testicles shrivel up a little bit more. "Well, it's just that~they're not much help to me." (29 pages) This story was nominated for a STIFfie.

"Nothing so Sweet" (M/Sk) by Lindsey J. Shelton~ "And one more makes seven." Skinner sat down, waving Kimberly out of his office, realizing she was going query him about the package in a moment if his face had gone as pale as he suspected. His mind went numb with shock. (47 pages)

"Guardian" (M/K) by Sugar Rush~He heard something move behind him and would've shot to his feet if there wasn't a hand already on his shoulder, pushing him back down in his seat, sliding to his throat, tightening there until he finally stopped resisting. (30 pages) This story was nominated for a STIFfie.

"Restitution" (M/K) by Cody Nelson - Krycek had been messing with his head. He'd known how badly it would shake Mulder, to be kissed by his worst enemy. Or maybe it truly was some sort of misguided goodwill gesture. (27 pages)

"Unknown Self" (M/Sk) by Elessar- "Damn, damn him all to hell." Assistant Director Walter Skinner was furious with Special Agent Fox Mulder. He sat at his desk and contemplated Mulder's report about the tampered cable TV signals. (10 pages)

"Reunion" (M/K) by Travis B.- He was feeling so good for a change that his personal radar wasn't functioning. When the key seemed to stick in his lock, he actually stooped to check the lock, rather than instantly assuming the worst and reaching for his gun. By the time he heard the soft moment of air and started to turn, it was too late. He caught a glimpse of a black-clad figure and then darkness descended. (7 pages)

"A Meeting of Minds" (M/Sk) by Kal Romine~Oh, boy. Talk about embarrassing. No, Mulder, let's just keep it together, okay? This fat little bureaucrat can't keep yammering for more than...half an hour or so...you can survive for half an hour....(4 pages)

"The Voice" (M/Sk) by Palinurus - In the car, he was almost overcome by exhaustion. He needed to sleep. His eyes felt gritty and wouldn't focus; he had a headache, his throat hurt. He wanted to sleep. But he knew he couldn't sleep, couldn't calm down, couldn't stop the gears grinding. Another endless night awaited him. (4 pages) Nominated for best Short Story.

"Random Chance" (M/Sk) by Elessar - (Another story in the "Chances" universe) The man behind the large desk sighed as he hung up the phone. `Damn, damn, damn! That means that I don't get out of here until Friday morning,' he thought to himself. `Fucking bureaucrats and their fucking meetings!' This wasn't going to make Fox happy. `Hell, it doesn't make me happy either!' (10 pages)

~And there are titillating and hilarious limericks from Kamala Roberts and SpookyH. There are some tantalizing captioned photos by Kal Romine.

All art is by Randym.

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