X-plicit Fantasies

(An all slash X-Files Fanzine-- Winner of a STIFFie as the best X-Files zine of 1997)

"Extrophile" by Cody Nelson~ "Mulder bent forward to press his mouth against that tender white throat. He tasted the pulse of Krycek's life under his lips, mouthing the soft skin. At the same time, he reached down to pull up Krycek's shirt, running his hand up the firm ribcage until he found the sensitive nubs of his nipples." STIFfie for best X-File story of 1997

"Secret" by Kitty Fisher~ "He listened to the sound of a door opening and closing, and groaned silently. Not again, surely not this soon, it was too much. He found that breathing was difficult. Fear, icy as a winter's night, drowned the little warmth in his veins." STIFfie for best short X-File story of 1997

"Linked" by Alex Jones and Elessar~ "Cold, empty, dark, and alone. Always alone. All he'd done, all the trouble he'd gotten himself into, all the things he'd let them do to him, and it was all for naught. He was alone again and would die alone. No one cared...no one had ever cared and now no one would ever care...."

"Choices" by Brenda Antrim--"The Consortium was backed against the wall. It was time to rip out the weed in the middle of their particular shady garden. Time to kill Mulder.

He even had the right tool."

"Avatar" by Elizabeth Holden~ "Divorce is an ugly word. Sitting at the bar in the lounge of the Ambassador Hotel, Walter Skinner, Assistant Director in the F.B.I., stared at the scotch in his glass, wondering why his life had taken this turn. Wondering how."

"Unfinished Business" by Katy Deery~ "Pacing along the alley, tense with nervous expectation, Mulder wondered what the hell he was doing here. The message was either a trap or the real thing. The promise of information about his sister was something that could have been used by anyone."

"The Price" by Katy Deery~ "He struggled, only to be pushed roughly against the brickwork, his head coming into sharp contact with the hard, gritty surface. His assailant had the element of surprise on his side and was using it to full advantage. It was also apparent that whoever this man was, he was no ordinary street punk, not with these moves."

"Another Life" by Spookette~ "`Krycek,' he ground out. `What the fuck are you doing here?"

`What do you mean? I live here. Fox, stop it. You're choking me.'"

"Regrets" by Gwendolen~ "The body in his arms was warm and pliant, and the soft lips on his throat just knew where to touch and kiss. Fox Mulder sighed with pleasure when those lips found a particularly sensitive spot, gave some attention and then moved on."

Limericks by Kamala Roberts and poetry by Gwendolen. Art by Randym.

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Last updated on 18th of May 2006.