Working Holiday

by Lexa Reiss

This is a new Blake's 7 zine from Maverick Press.

The unresolved sexual tension that sizzled between Avon and Servalan during the series is the heat that generates this story. It's dueling passions, dueling egos, duelling intellects. Who will outwit the other in the end? And what prices will both of them pay along the way?

Highly recommended for fans of BUARA.

Working Holiday

by Lexa Reiss -- author of many highly acclaimed stories, including "The Nothing That Is," "Leadership Secrets of Commissioner Sleer," and "In the Line of Duty," and co-author of "Survival" (the in-progress sequel to Pat Jacquerie's "Duty," both of which can be found in the "Forbidden Zone" at

Working Holiday is a fourth-season, adult B7 novella featuring Avon and Servalan.

Circumstances force Avon and Servalan into an alliance that has them masquerading as a pleasure slave and his mistress.

"I probably saved your life, Avon," she said as the vehicle began to move.

"You probably had a reason," he retorted. It made sense that she wanted him alive: the Federation wouldn't pass up a chance at the stardrive and the teleport. What he needed to understand was the purpose of her masquerade in the cell.


"I'm not your damned pet," he snarled.

She was delighted. So he felt the need to say that aloud? How interesting.

"Oh, not a lapdog," she assured him. "A panther, perhaps, on a chain? Dangerous and not really domesticated, but quite beautiful." As she spoke, she continued to work on him. Avon wasn't quite able to keep silent. The noise that escaped him was a hiss, but she graciously refrained from commenting on its appropriateness to a leashed panther.


"Since I am supposed to remember none of this," Avon observed frostily, "I see little point in your sharing this fantasy with me."

"I said that you could claim to remember nothing. You're a poor liar, Avon, but it should be possible to use that fact to our advantage." Servalan allowed herself a moment to savor the look on Avon's face, and then continued. "Potential pleasure slaves may also be dosed with aphrodisiacs or have irritants applied to their genitals. That ensures a lively response when they're touched." She added consolingly. "Perhaps in your case that wasn't done."


"You also told me, in detail, about your fantasy of humiliating me by having me raped by an unattractive subordinate of yours."

"How sweet of you to remember. But that was when you were being broken in. You're much too valuable now for me to do anything so crude." She paused for maximum effect. "When I need to humiliate you there are other ways."


Approximately 62,000 words.


(novella by Lexa Reiss; adult and some slash; S4)
Publisher: Maverick Press (Pueblo, CO)
Date: 2002
Format: letter size, [2] + 88 pp., pink card covers, black comb binding
Lexa Reiss and Jo Ann McCoy, "A Short Note to Our Readers"
Art: photos of A and Se

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