M/K Ultra

A Mulder/Krycek slash zine featuring stories from the net by Sugar Rush

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- On the verge of a breakdown in the aftermath of Scully's abduction, Mulder finds solace in his new partner's arms...

Alex stirred, letting out a tiny groan as he rolled over on his back, shifting slightly, resettling into the mattress. His face looked relaxed, almost childlike in sleep, all long lashes and pouty, half-opened lips, a few wispy black commas spilling over his cheeks and forehead. The face of an angel.

//A fallen angel...//

Yeah, somehow Mulder doubted there were any up in Heaven that could do what this one had done to him last night.

He leaned in close, close enough to taste this angel's warm breath, close enough to dust those soft lips with the tiniest whisper of a kiss

Close enough to see his eyelids twitch, then flutter open.

"Hi," Alex rasped, mouth curving up in a slow little half-smile.

"Hi yourself."

"How'd you sleep?"


Mulder receives a not-so-unwelcome visitation on the night before Christmas...

Mulder tossed back the last of the wine in his glass, then set the glass aside, eyes floating shut, listening to the faint crackle of flame coming from his TV, lulling his breathing to a slow, steady rhythm. If he just let himself go with it he could almost convince himself it was real, that he was lying here on a thick red carpet in front of a stone fireplace, soft gold painting spiky patterns beneath his eyelids. Yeah, maybe if he just kept breathing like this, kept his eyes closed, maybe he'd convince himself that those fingertips trailing up his arm and shoulder, brushing the hair from the nape of his neck belonged to

"Guess you liked my present, huh?" came a voice close to his ear, low, breathy, familiar

Too damn familiar. "Jesus!" he cried, rolling onto his back, staring up into deep green eyes. "What the hell're you doing here?"

"Kissing you, or trying to. You didn't seem to be minding a second ago"

"Get out of here, Alex. Now."


"Get out before I smash your face in."

"Is that any way to talk to someone who's only trying to make your Christmas wish come true?"

Also featured - DEMON POETRY - What if Mulder and Krycek met while Mulder was at Oxford??


Wounded and on the run, a frightened, desperate Krycek meets Dr. Eugene Sands...


The stories in this zine - but not the poetry and artwork - have all been previously published on the Internet. They have been substantially revised and expanded for print publication.

AVAILABLE NOW, BY MAIL. ORDER FROM: MAVERICK PRESS, c/o Jo Ann McCoy, 2580 I-25 North, Pueblo, CO 81008-9614

OBLIGATORY WARNING: This is an adult X-Files zine with explicit depictions of m/m sex. Not for sale to anyone under the age of 18. AGE STATEMENT REQUIRED.

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Last updated on 21st of December 2007.