Immortal Fantasies

(A Highlander/Forever Knight Slash Novel)

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This zine contains two related novellas which combine to make a novel. In the first novella, "Chance Encounters" (first published in Knight Fantasies) Nick and Methos meet in two different times, the 16th century and after "Last Night," the concluding episode of Forever Knight. In this alternate universe, Duncan has been killed and Methos meets Nick just after he takes the head of Duncan's killer . They take comfort in each other's company, while mourning the deaths of Natalie and Duncan.

From "Chance Encounters:"

As the lean figure moved out of the shadows, his face was limned by the bright lamp overhead. There was something hauntingly familiar about the stance and face of the man. Nick knew that angular face with the patrician nose. He might not have seen the visage in nearly four hundred years, but his almost perfect vampiric memory asserted itself with memories that had been long suppressed.

In the second novella, "The Ties That Bind," Methos disappears while in Paris. He makes a phone call to Joe, telling him that he might have found clues that Duncan isn't dead then he's cut off. Joe, Richie, Nick and LaCroix head for the rescue with surprising results.

From "The Ties That Bind:"

He punched buttons frantically and replayed the message. Again he heard, "Methos. Help me." followed by a click. He sank to the couch, numb. He couldn't think. Was Joe wrong? Where had Duncan been all these weeks if he wasn't dead?

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