Dark Fantasies 8

Multimedia Slash Zine. (Not for the Faint at Heart)

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(Not for the faint at heart)

Dark Fantasies 8 features some rare and unusual universes such as Dr. No, Queer As Folk (British), and Independence Day as well as old favorites such as Star Trek/B7, Starsky and Hutch/ Professionals/ Forever Knight crossover, X-Files, Starsky and Hutch, and X-Files/Highlander crossover.

"Zombie" by Garnet

This short story takes place—kinda sorta—in the X-Files/Highlander crossover universe that includes stories previously published in Dark Fantasies 7. In the first story, "Jumpstart," a case of mistaken identity results in Fox Mulder sleeping with Cory Raines, after which Cory runs into the real Krycek in "Stars and Garters" and has his wicked way with him. Another, yet unpublished story, after that results in Cory rescuing Krycek in Siberia, where Krycek lost his left arm and nearly his life. Cory then tries to set the two of them up together, meddlesome Immortal that he is. However, this story is not how I want the series to eventually turn out, so just think of it as a somewhat nasty offshoot of the real timeline if you would.

In the fourth and final installment (Transistions)in the "Odds Against" universe, tasha completes the long running series of stories first began in Dark Fantasies 1. It is a Starsky and Hutch, Professionals, Forever Knight alternate universe crossover.

"Transistions" by tasha

Once through the door, he was hit in the face with icy cold water. Immediately his vampire instincts reacted to a perceived danger. His eyes turned gold and his canines extended almost painfully. Standing there with water dripping down his chin onto his crisp clean uniform blouse and through a reddish haze, he was startled to see Bodie behind Cowley's desk with a rifle—no, not quite a rifle, but a crossbow! "What the fuck!" was the first thought to run through his mind. Then he knew!

Jasmyn Flynt has written a B7/ST:TOS series crossover entitled, "Liberating Enterprises"

Captain Kirk of the ISS Enterprise was trying to avoid two Klingon ships and didn't need any distractions. Blake was grabbed by three hefty security guards and manhandled off the bridge, despite his protests that he could walk without help. Spock and Avon quietly monitored the situation and data, along with Uhura. Everyone was tense, even Spock.

In "Disciplinary Action" Garnet once again gives us a hard hitting X-Files story.

Krycek's stomach hurt and he was cold and miserable and wondering if he'd ever get his life back under control. His control. Not somebody else's.

Sure, he had been free for a little while Or as free as anyone could be who was on the run, always looking over their shoulder, just trying to survive. Knowing the whole time that there was nowhere really that he could hide for long, nowhere that they wouldn't eventually find him. He couldn't remember the last time he'd had a good night's sleep. The last time he'd enjoyed what he was eating.

"Redemption" by Gilrain is a lovely Starsky and Hutch story of love and commitment.

...And more stories from many universes.

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