Dark Fantasies 7

Multimedia Slash Zine. (Not for the Faint at Heart)

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(Not for the faint at heart)

Sherlock Holmes/Dracula "Selfish Acts" by Emily Veinglory - Night falls in winter's London like despair on the soul of a dying man. The gloomy streets add their weight to homesickness and hunger so that it is only fitting when the rain begins to fall. Count Dracula instructed his coachman to take his time. When the horse moved at a fast clip he found the sound of their shod hooves on the cobbles too jarring to his acute senses. So as the coach rolled and swayed on the slow journey, he found his thoughts drifting to long lost and happier days.

It was almost as if his memories were brought to life when he heard the soft strains of a violin muted, but clear, in the darkness. He tapped once for the coach to stop, and lowered the window shade. The song called out like his soul's voice in its isolation and loneliness. Crying not in desperation, but in resignation to a long and loveless fate. Like a wolf howling in the wilderness, not expecting to be heard. 18 pages

X-Files/Highlander (Cory Raines) "Jumpstart" by Garnet - Me and my doll were walking down the streets arm-in-arm and it had just quit raining and we were playing around with hailing a cab, when a big black car came out of nowhere and slammed to a stop, half up on the sidewalk in front of us. A few grim-faced guys jumped out and one of them shoved the girl away from me and the next thing I knew they had yanked my hands behind my back and shoved the barrel of a gun into my gut and me into the nearest wall. They had searched me quickly and roughly, scraping the side of my face in the process, before pulling a hood down over my head and hauling me off with them. That car of theirs tearing away a moment or two later with me crammed between a couple of bodies in the backseat and my wrists bound together now with something that felt like a kind of thick wire, the whole time that gun still poking into me, hard enough to bruise. 22 pages

"Stars and Garters" by Garnet - There's this guy, see, and he works for the FBI. And this other guy and he used to work for the FBI. Kinda sorta. You see, he really worked for this other guy on the side, a real mean old sucker, and was just pretending to be an honest and upright man of the law. He'd never ever really been on the side of angels, I figure, but he musta been pretty good at pulling it off, 'cause he certainly fooled the first guy. And that guy he got really pissed off for being screwed over and lied to like that. Really pissed off. 37 pages

Miami Vice "Strange Seas" by Natasha Barry - "Blond and really beautiful," the gentleman with the telescope sighed, putting his gleaming smile on hold for just that moment. He'd been observing the nude figure for some time, without the fellow's knowledge, of course. They were merely two ships at sea, his much larger yacht quite capable of eclipsing--swallowing whole--the boat which remained steady as its master roamed the deck, finally lazing upon it. 16 pages

Blake's 7 "Nothing" by January Garnet - "Oh, stars, Avon," Blake gasped as he flooded Avon with his cum. He was nearly out of breath and obviously not coherent. Lost in the wonderful sensation of orgasm, he wasn't thinking, he couldn't think. Sex was something he thoroughly enjoyed, whether he was having it often or rarely. These Liberator days he was having it regularly. 13 pages

"Space Captain" by Erika Bloom - With a groan of relief, Vila heaved Tarrant's body onto the bed. The pilot might be skinny, but there was an awful lot of him, and dragging that dead weight from the downstairs bar up to the room Vila had secretly rented had been no picnic--especially when he had to balance Tarrant over one shoulder and carry his tool kit in the other hand. Vila wondered for a split-second what had possessed him to set up this project in the first place. Then he cheered up. After all, the hard part was over now. It would be all fun--well, almost all fun--from here on in. 12 pages

The Phantom Menace "The Eyes of Naboo" by Sue - Obi-Wan woke with a start, sweat beaded on his forehead, disorientated as the first light of a new day spun dappled patterns of shade and light through the breeze brushed trees. It had been several months since he had last had the dream. His cock throbbed hard with need and leaked profusely. The vision had never been this powerful before. 6 pages

Star Trek:TOS "Hot and Cold" by Natasha Barry - Imprisoned on the Orion ship, James Kirk was finding it difficult facing up to his lack of alternatives. Ordinarily, in any given situation, no matter how desperate the circumstance, he'd contrive some action, some winning combination, that would route him from his problem. With the Orion slavers, nothing he tried gained him anything, except, occasionally, their amusement. For instance, he'd even tried bluffing his way out of his imprisonment, swearing he was a Klingon operative, and his return to Klingon space would be disastrous for his cover as a Federation office--laughter. He'd tried a variation on the--now infamous, aboard the Enterprise--card game, Fizzbin, which went down just as well. He'd finally realized the problem was, he was in no position to attempt anything, except a bluff, and when it came to bluffing, he was in the company of the masters of the universe. All he could do was sit and wait. 56 pages

184 pages of text - 146,000 words

Review By Joyce Bowen

DARK FANTASIES 7 is the latest m/m slash zine from Maverick Press.

I'm doing this review because I have a Blake's 7 story in this. It's "Nothing" by January Garnet and features B/A. It's BDSM, as are several other stories in this zine. Of course, I recommend the story, but only if you don't mind the concept.

The other B7 in the zine are a two page Avon poem by Garnet (only one name & no relation) which is very nice and actually could be in a genzine just as easily as not, and "Space Captain" by Erika Bloom which is a T/V story.

The rest of the zine features various fandoms. Captain Kirk and Koloth are in a very long story called "Hot and Cold" by Natasha Barry. The poet Garnet has, also, written two X-Files/Highlander crossovers, both of which feature Cory Raines (whoever he is) who happens to look like Krycek. The titles are "Jumpstart" and "Stars and Garters." Sue (another one name author) wrote a Qui-Gon/Obi-Wan story called "The Eyes of Naboo." There's Miami Vice in "Strange Seas" by Natasha Barry, and perhaps the strangest one of all, a Sherlock Holmes/Dracula crossover called "Selfish Acts" by Emily Veinglory.

Review By Sarah Thompson

=Dark Fantasies= continues its tradition of stories "not for the faint of heart." This issue, #7, has both consensual and non- consensual B7 SM stories. "Nothing" is what Blake is required to say when he finds himself submitting sexually to Avon, after being prepared for the experience by an original male character, in a scenario set up by Vila, who suspects-- correctly-- what Blake really wants. "Space Captain" is a darker story, dealing with an outright rape by a nasty version of Vila. Having had his way secretly with Avon in an earlier story, he now arranges for clandestine enjoyment of Tarrant as well. Vila fans may not like this one, but fans who want to see Tarrant suffer-- whether because they like him or because they don't!-- will probably enjoy it. (Remember the discussion on this list a while ago on the potential use of Pylene 50 as a date-rape drug? Well, here it is, or something very like it, complete with the muscle- relaxing function.)

I haven't yet read the non-B7 stories, but at a glance they appear to be well-written. The zine is very attractively laid out and is illustrated with some cleverly selected photographs, showing the characters with assorted appropriate expressions. I especially liked the sly-looking Vila and sweetly clueless Tarrant for "Space Captain."


Editor: Jo Ann McCoy
Publisher: Maverick Press (Pueblo, CO)
Date: 2000
Format: letter size, [2] + 185 pp., gray card covers, white comb binding

B7 fiction:
January Garnet, "Nothing" (S1; A/B, B/J, B/V, B/ocm)
Erika Bloom, "Space Captain" (sequel to "In the Dark" in #4; S3; Ta/V)

B7 poetry:
Garnet, "A Final Reckoning" (A)

B7 art:
photos p. 19 A-B
p. 31 A-B-V
p. 50 V
p. 56 Ta
p. 59 V
p. 60 A-Ta-V
p. 62 A

Other fandoms: Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, MV, HL, TPM, ST, XF, HL

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