Dark Fantasies 3

Multimedia Slash Zine. (Not for the Faint at Heart)

Color Cover "Nicolas" by Betsy Mott

Dark Fantasies 3 continues in the tradition of 1 and 2, featuring stories from the darker side of fandom. "Instruments of Darkness" by Corona Polvanthus won a Fan Q at Media West 1996. "Truce" by tasha won a STIFfie at the same Media West.

Dark Fantasies 3 contains four stories from Blake's 7. It has both Avon/Vila and Blake/Avon. "Orbital Aberration" by Irish shows Vila's revenge for the near fatal shuttle flight in the episode "Orbit", and "Instruments of Darkness," a post Gauda Prime novella. "Engagement" by Trinity Pawling gives us a confrontation between Avon and Tarrant after the destruction of Muller's android. In "Rescue" by Catherine, Avon is unable to recover his teleport bracelet and discovers just how perverted Servalan's revenge can be.

Forever Knight is represented by four stories. "Sometime When We Leave" by James Kythe Walkswithwind is a nifty tale of S/M vampire style. "Bad Blood" by Ellis Ward is a dark tale that could only be told by Ellis Ward. "The Bonding" by tasha tells of an early encounter between LaCroix and Nick. Tasha also continues her Stiffie award winning series in "Truce", in which Nicolas is captured by the SS and rescued by LaCroix. Forever Knight Limericks by Dee...

"Troubled Times" by Mary Millard is a heart wrenching Man From Uncle story. This novella is full of angst and hurt comfort.

"Just for Fun" by Catherine and Katharina is a Pros tale of discovery between Bodie and Doyle. After an exhausting operation the boys explore their sexuality.

145 pages

Editor: Jo Ann McCoy
Publisher: Maverick Press
Date: August 1995
B7 fiction:
Trinity Pawling, "Engagement" (A/Ta)
Irish, "Orbital Aberration" (A/V)
Corona Polvanthus, "Instruments of Darkness" (A/Ta)
Catherine, "Rescue" (A/B)
B7 art:
Randym p. 91 title page for "Instruments of Darkness"

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