Dark Fantasies 1

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Multimedia Slash Zine. (Not for the Faint at Heart)

Dark Fantasies 1 has four stories from Starsky and Hutch. In "Odds Against," a novella length AU, Hutch with the help of MI6 agents, Bodie and Doyle, must infiltrate Nazi Germany to rescue Starsky from the evil Third Reich. Other stories included are "Nightmare" and "Therapy" by Kelly James. "Starsky's Fantasy" completes the S/H stories with a complete misunderstanding between Starsky and Hutch.

Dark Fantasies 1 also contains three Blake's 7 stories that range from the light-hearted "It's a Dirty Job, but Somebody's Got to Do it" by Cami to the dark and brooding "Kerry," which is probably the most controversial and discussed story in Blake's 7 fandom. (Winner of the Golden Handcuffs Award.) "Control" by Lynne Franklin is an S/M fantasy with a surprising difference.

The last story, "The Morning After" by Airelle comes from the darker side of the Professional fandom, in which one finds Doyle and Bodie experimenting in a consensual S/M fantasy.

200 pages

Editor: Jo Ann McCoy
Publisher: Maverick Press
Date: 1993
B7 fiction:
Lynne Franklin, "Control" (A/B)
Cami, "It's a Dirty Job... But Somebody's Got to Do It" (A/V)
Tasha & Jennie Birk, "Kerry" (Avon/others)

Review By Predatrix

Warning, not that it's necessary. This 'zine caters to all sorts of kink, and there are examples of s/m, rape/comfort and slavery in this 'zine. The other fandoms represented are Starsky/Hutch and Pros (Bodie/Doyle).

Control (A/B) -- Lynne Franklin

Oddly enough, this is dedicated to S. Lewis, which gives a hint that there's a romance underneath this fairly intense BDSM story. B is tied up, "raped", beaten and humiliated by his dark, leather-clad master. The twist is that B loves every minute of it since he was brainwashed into masochism by the Federation, while A would much prefer to untie him, cuddle him, and make tender love to him.

It's a Dirty Job, but Somebody's Got to Do It (A/V) -- Cami

...seducing Kerr Avon, of course. Vila is a spy-cum-sex-therapist. He wants an access code Avon has. The narly-virginal repressed Alpha Avon wants enough sexual confidence to approach Anna. Doesn't entirely convince me, but if you like this sort of thing, you'd like this.

Kerry ("Kerry"/multiple) -- Tasha and Jenni Birk

This is the one my beta reader regards as character-rape. An enslaved Alpha boy named Kerr Avon ("Kerry" is his slave name) is subjected to various humiliations by his corrupt masters. In the end, probably broken, the slave is sold to "a dark-haired woman dressed elegantly in red" and "a man with a head of unruly dark curls". Are these an alternate-universe Blake and Servalan? Do we care? For me, the answer is "probably not"--the author may visualise Avon (and for all I know other characters) in this, but I don't, and find it difficult to care about the characters.

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