Blind Spot

(A Kung Fu: The Legend Continues Slash Novel)

by Elizabeth Stuart and Victoria Grant

Cover Art by Zyene

This is a novel of deep, passionate love and an overwhelming obsession between Peter Caine and his father. This forbidden love leads them on a tortuous path toward happiness.

I watch him, touching the small hairs that droop over his forehead, still damp with the sweat our lovemaking produced. Carefully, I probe my feelings. They are... unexpected. Originally, my intent was to possess him, even hurt him--punish him for wanting me, push him away from an impossible relationship that can only end badly. But the feel of his sweet mouth, the gladness with which he responds to me, the blazing light of happiness in his eyes.... I love him.

I am cursed, we are cursed, but...I love him as a father should not love a son.

Sold Out.

Blind Spot #2

Volume Two by Elizabeth Stuart and Victoria Grant Cover art by Zyene

The forbidden passion of Peter and Caine takes them to San Francisco, where they face new temptations and the threat of exposure.

Sold Out.

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Last updated on 06th of July 2001.