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Only for some do I have a decent description. This section could definitely use the most work.


(a UK computer magazine) 199 (Oct. 98--Liberator cover and B7 article by Judith Proctor on pp. 24-25 & 27-28. Nice.)


3 (summer 2000--6 pp. on B7 with 11 B&W pictures. Covers first two seasons. Rob Emery wrote the articles.

9 (Spring 2004--This continues issue 3 and does seasons 3 & 4 of Blake's 7 with lots of B&W pictures. B7 is on front cover (left side), p. 3, pp. 4-12, and p. 39.

It is available from Star Trader.

More detailed review.


This has a B7 cartoon in each issue and is up to issue 2 as of 10/2000. Have never seen an issue.


2 (Dec. 97-- has errors--pp. 37-39. An oddball addition to anyone's collection if you can find it.)


2 (Nov. 1997--Pages 12-14 is a con report of Wolf 359 in 1997 where Gauda Prime Blake appeared. The article doesn't mention Blake at all, I think. (I need to check this.) On p. 14 are two pictures: Sheelagh Wells making up Gareth Thomas & Gauda Prime Blake. This B5 con was the only con that the character Blake officially attended.)


VOL. 1 (1996)--Thick digest of Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models magazine. Reprints Kevin Davies from 1 (7-8/94) on pp. 103-110. He tells how to make your own Liberator handgun and Scorpio teleport bracelet. Has Martin Bower from 7 (7-8/95) on pp. 103-110. Bowers covers the Liberator and other models from the actual show. The Davies and Bower articles are both very nice.


13 (Feb./March 2000--Very nice article with B&W photos about Roj Blake on pp. 16-19. Also, cover mention. Recommended.)


This has strange numbering. I've included both ways it was numbered. This went from 1:1 to 2:6 (11 issues). Only 1:2 and 2:1 are worth getting for B7.

1:2 (#2--Sept. 97--cover overleaf and pp. 5,7,12, 62-65 on B7. One of these pages shows the prop which won the Tarrant costume advertised in the insert in original copies of SFX 27.)

1:5 (#5--Dec. 97--B7 pp 24-5 & 78,88. Not much B7.)

2:1 (# 6--Jan. 98 --pp. 3, 46-9 & 78 covered first B7 Radio show, The Sevenfold Crown.)

2:2 (#7--Jan.98--pp 9, 82. Not much B7.)


(Doctor Who Magazine)

169 (1/23/91 -- one page on B7)

261 (2/98--Chris Boucher on pp. 6--13 & B7 on pp. 11-13 with nice picture on p. 13)

252 (6/97 -- Terry Nation tribute, pp. 4-11. Some B7. )

294 (8/00--p. 3 & article 26-28 on Doctor Who radio recordings. Two pictures of Thomas who is Lord Tamworth in "Storm Warning." He's mentioned in the article, too.)

298 (Dec. 13, '00--Pp. 5 and 50 with a one page article on this page.)

300 (Came with free audio CD with part 1 of "Storm Warning" which Gareth Thomas is in.)

317, 29 May 2002 - devotes its back page to Tery Nations multiplicity of Tarrants, with one paragraph devoted to our boy Del and his brother Deeta. Plus, there's a very nice picture of the lad, from 'Terminal'.

326 (pp. 44-48 on Dalek War with Thomas/Kalendorf. Picture and drawing of GT as well. Also on cover a CD is attached with a preview of Chapter One of Dalek War which is the second 4 part Dalek Empire series that GT has been in. )


12 (Nov. 91. Tasherry Shannon summarizes Blake's 7 episodes but misses two of them--Gambit & The Keeper. Cover mention, pp. 3 & 26-37. I wouldn't get this one. Get 29.)

16 (March 1992. Does Star Maidens, a GT show, but not very well. Cover mention, pp. 3 & 40-41. This calls the planet Mendusa. See TIMESCREEN. )

29 (Color Liberator cover--Same as 12 above but includes all 52 episodes & has different pictures pp. 50-69.)


Special Ed. # 29 (6/82 --article and series 1 & 2 episode guide pp. 3, 48-53, 64-65. This is really a regular issue # 29.) Note: # 30, 8/82, does NOT have an article and episode guide for series 3 & 4 which # 29 says it will have. I do not believe it was ever done.

FANTASY magazines

(Ones with the name FANTASY in title. All published by New Media. I do not know how the magazines fit together. The dates do not make sense to me.)


[No numbers on the covers. The numbers are inside on the contents page.]

1 (Small 4th season crew color insert on front cover--Does American fans on pp. 5-8.)

2 (6/84--Michael keating on pp. 20-23. Cover mention & p. 3.)

3 ( lst season eps. guide by C. Steffey but only episodes 1-8 on pp. 38-47.)


2 (1983--lst season eps. guide 1-13 by Barbara Warne on pp. 18-27. Cover mention. Note that this is a different writer from FEL 3 below so the guides are completely different.)


(I believe this magazine really just continued FEL above, but I am not sure.)

7 (Fall Special 10/83--Has exact same B. Warne lst season eps. guide as above, FECE # 2, but with more information added, an Introduction to B7. This is on pp. 1-13 and 21-40.)

8 (Feb. 84-- Has same color insert on cover as FEL # 1 above had-- Has 2nd season eps. guide by B. Warne on pp. 31-38 & 52-56. Also, cover mention & p. 3.)

9 & 10 These do NOT contain additional Warne season guides the way # 8 would lead you to believe. I don't believe the guides were ever continued. B7 content in these two is next to nil.

11 (Has some B7 content.)

15 (Jan.84-- Continues Cherry Steffey guide in FEL # 3 above (or prior) & does episodes 9-13 on pp. 36-43. Cover mention & pp. 3 & 11.)


(I'm not sure if this is connected to the other three FANTASY ones or not.)

(1) (No number is listed. Scorpio on pp. 17-18 and Pennant Roberts on pp. 2 & 22.)

2 ( Vere Lorrimer on pp. 24-28. Back cover color Servalan.)


Jan. 2002 (James Cary Parker interviewed Jacqueline Pearce about Servalan. One page with a nice recent picture. Title is "Back from the future." )


3 (Oct. 96-- Jan Chappell pp. 42-44. Nice pictures.)


I'm not sure if this was the first or second issue. I believe it's September 1997. There's no number or date anywhere. There are four pages (pp. 10-13) about B7 with many errors and a big blurry pullout poster. This is another oddball addition if you can find it.


June 1999 (On p. 31 with picture is "Gotcha", a Gareth Thomas controversial TV show.)


(premiere issue 1982---Liberator on cover and pp. 34-37 are about Liberator. Also, pp. 3, 39, 77, 80, and 82.)

Space Voyager 5 (Oct./Nov. 83, Michael Keating)

Space Voyager 13 (Brian Croucher)


(Spiderman comic --UK)

515 (1/19/83-- comic with color B7 insert. Only listed here because it's such an unusual item. )



8 (Dec. '00--5 page article on SF:UK TV program which mentions B7.)


(The first issues were revised slightly after the original printings. I have mainly originals, but it's probably better to buy the revised issues. 5 is my favorite issue.)

2 (ORIGINAL --"The Way Back" article.)

5 (ORIGINAL--Paul Darrow interview and great article & epsiode listings for Star Maidens. The planet is called Medusa. Very nice. ) (REVISED-- Same Darrow--though it might be updated? [I haven't checked] and same Star Maidens but the planet is now called Mendusa. Still very nice.)

8 (ORIGINAL--Article on "Shadow.")

21 (1995 ---Has small part on the Marvel comics of B7)


(non-English; a Holland magazine) Aug. 4, 1979 (Sally Knyvette/Jenna on cover; inside an article on her.)


1 (Autumn 1982--Cover mention. Season 1 episode guide on po. 29-31. Also, on pp. 3, 6 and inside back cover.)

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