Before I start the magazines which just happen to have B7 content in them, I'd like to briefly mention 34 magazines which were actually totally about Blake's 7. The only reason I mention them is because there is some confusion about them. These were all by Marvel and this is a different Marvel than Marvel of the US. To get more detail, email me. Anorak Zone has the best Marvel description, and the url is Click on spin offs and then miscellaneous. Right now the only one I know (anorakzone) is incomplete. I would go into more detail -except if you're a true fan you will be wanting to collect these all and will find out the information for yourself. If you have a limited budget, then I would say to collect the Summer Special 1995 and Winter Special 1995. These are the two nicest magazines of the entire 34 available. I frankly don't see much point in collecting just pieces of the others. If you want the Poster Magazines, get all 7. If you want the Monthlies, then get all 25.

B7 MONTHLIES-Marvel --25 issues-1982 for many of them

There were 22 numbered B7 Monthlies which were small B&W magazines with a color cover and sometimes an interior color poster. The last issue, # 23, was not numbered but was called the Collector's Edition. Besides these 23 issues, there was a Summer Special and a Winter Special, the Winter Special being the rarest. So all in all, there are 25 issues of this if you get the entire set. These are not very qood quality magazines as far as actual paper goes. They are old comic book paper quality.


This is a slick magazine with lots of color-not to be confused with the 1982 one. Very nice.


This is a slick magasine with lots of color-not to be confused with the 1982 one. Very nice. You do have different pictures and different information in this from the earlier Summer Special of the same year. These two 1995 specials are the best of the various Marvel offerings.


7 issues -1995 for all but the first one

These are not magazines as such but one huge poster sheet folded over several times to look like a small pamphlet. On one side when not folded is a glossy large photograph or two photographs. Each folded area on the other side makes for one page (there are 8 "pages") of various information which included pictures, original ficiton stories, and non-fiction articles about the show. The 8th page was always an ad to subscribe to these and the Doctor Who ones. These are fragile and tear easily. The big poster pictures would be nicer if the folds didn't tend to go right through faces for a lot of the poster pictures. Aside from that, these Poster Magazines were nice. (I frankly can't abide posters with folds in them, so I would never ever display any of these on a wall.) Originally there were supposed to be more than 7 issues (the issues are numbered) but production stopped abruptly at 7. These B7 Poster Magazines were not for sale in the US. Americans had to buy them through English contacts. However, the Doctor Who Poster Magazines could be sold to Americans.

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