DREAMWATCH started on October 1994 after DWB expired. It always has a one page current TV listing. I tried not to include this page which is normally p. 80. The best issue is 41. Also recommended are 13, 14, 21, and 25.

2(Nov. 1994--Jan Chappell cover with small Brian Croucher inset, pp. 17-18 on Shakedown, a video sci-fi movie starring Jan Chappell and Brian Croucher. Also, "In Search of Blake" article with color pictures on James Follet and two shows he wrote: "Dawn of the Gods" and "Stardrive.")
3(Croucher and Stephen Greif inset on cover, p. 7 two Travises picture & con report, pp. 16-17 Shakedown review & also mention pp. 3 & 6; B7 mention on p. 9.)
9(May 1995--cover mention, pp. 30-1 both Travises, p. 32 letter Blake for Dr. Who, p. 33 Shakedown ad. Also, pp. 3 & 27. Small color Liberator on part of back cover.)
13 (Sept. 1995--p. 44 full page on reunion and Gauda Prime Blake pullout poster with all 52 episodes listed which is a very nice collectible.)
14 (pp. 33-34 on Sally Knyvette.)
20 (p. 5 has a color picture of the reunion.)
21 (pp. 11-13 has a wonderful interview of Gareth Thomas. Recommended.)
23 (p. 16, p. 33 has a great color picture, small though, of Blake and Gan.)
25 ( Jan Chappell interview pp. 44-45.)
26 (p. 39, p. 35 has full page on Star Maidens--GT. ) 41 ( pp. 48-54 has a very nice article with pictures of the 20th anniversary of B7. Recommended.)
41(pp. 48-54 has a very nice article with pictures about the 20th anniversary of B7. Cover mention. Also, pp. 3, 80, 81, 83 (ad). Highly recommended.)
42 ( The Sevenfold Crown is reviewed according to an ad. I've never seen this issue.)
45 (p. 10, p. 20 ad, p. 43 ad, p. 76 video review, p. 77 video review. Back cover is video ad.) I assume the reviews are Vol. 1 & 2.
48 (p. 75 video review--Vol. 3 & 4, p. 81 ad, p. 82 brief mention.)
49 (p. 6, p. 65, p. 66, p. 77. I have no specific notes, but there is probably one video review.)
58 (July 1999-- p. 71 The Syndeton Experiment, p. 52, p. 77.)
104 (May 2003-p. 10 small article with pictures about Douglas Adams's treatment for a B7 movie.)

The article is by James Staton and is headlined----

Why have they never made...? Douglas Adams' Blake's 7 Movie.

109 (Oct. 2003)-pp. 60-62 has an article with pictures on the 25th anniversary of B7 as well as a new interview of Gareth Thomas. Also, pp. 3 & 59. ) See below for more details
111 (Dec. 2003.) On page 14 is a picture of Avon with the headline: Avon Not Calling! Basically Dreamwatch reprints Darrow's letter of October 9, 2003, and then adds this note which I will type out for you.

His announcement has not deterred producer Andrew Sewell, however, who tells Dreamwatch: "I think that you can safely say that whilst Paul's decision is regrettable, it dos not adversely effect the project going forward. We continue to enjoy the full support of Kate Nation (Terry's widow) and the final judgement of our proposed realisation will ultimately rest with the finished production."

These Dreamwatches don't have much B7 in them: 4, 5, 10,11, 36, 40, 43, 44, 46, 50, 51, 52, and 53. 50,52, and 53 have video reviews.

Issue 109

October's 2003 Dreamwatch issue 109 had three pages with pictures (pages 60-62) about Blake's 7's 25th anniversary. It's called "The Magnificient Seven." It is by Joe Nazzaro, one of my favorite magazine writers and a man who is definitely familiar with Blake's 7. There are no new facts in it, but it makes a pleasant read. It is nice to have Blake's 7 acknowledged by the current sci-fi magazines.

Before this, I believe only TV Zone has had a special article on the anniversary which was late 2002, if I recall correctly.

However, I am sure season 3 and 4 people will be disappointed because the emphasis is almost solely on the season 1-2 cast. For instance, Tarrant, Dayna, and Soolin are never mentioned nor are there any pictures of them.

The big PLUS for me, however, is that there is a second article within these three pages called "Blake's Heaven" which is a Gareth Thomas interview by Sharon Gosling. With this second article are three pictures of Blake and one of Thomas. And while there is also not a lot new with this interview, I still enjoyed reading it.

Following are some brief excerpts:

Q: Do you think a Blake's 7 movie is ever going to happen?
A: I don't know. There's talk of it, isn't there? I honestly don't know. If it does it's got nothing to do with me anyway, because I'm dead. [Laughs]

Q: You recently returned to the Blake's 7 universe to work on the extra features for the show's upcoming DVDs...
A: Yes, I spent a day doing some DVD stuff. (I'm not recounting the whole answer.)

Q: As you mentioned earlier, there's been a lot of talk over the years about bringing Blake's 7 back as a mini-series or even a movie. Do you think a revival could work?
A: I don't know, and I don't even know what the movie is supposed to be about. (I'm cutting the rest of this paragraph.) I don't think it would work if they called it Blake's 7. If they tried to do something fairly similar it might work, as long as they didn't call it Blake's 7. (I've cut the rest of this paragraph as well.)

IF you get a chance to buy Dreamwatch 109, I recommend it. If it is still on the newstands in the UK, I'm sure it's only going to be there for a short while longer. If you are an American, it will probably turn up fairly soon in the local Barnes and Noble type of bookstores. I have no clue how you order this on the internet as I do not have any urls for a Dreamwatch website. I have urls for Starburst, TV Zone, and SFX, but not Dreamwatch.


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