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Cult Times has an elaborate TV Guide for the month. Blake's 7 may be mentioned. I have tried not to give those pages. The only Cult Times with a lot of B7 in it is Cult Times # 4--Winter Special (Dec. 1997). Other ones recommended are 23, 44, and 53.

The extensive TV Guide listing pages will not be mentioned.

These Cult Times have an insignficant amount of B7 in them: 16, 22, 27, 30, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41.
6(p. 26, p. 30, p. 58 full page.)
12 (Sept. 1996--p. 59 full page on Michael Keating.)
23(p. 3 color picture, pp. 12-13 two full pages on Keating, p.27, p. 62 color picture.)
28(p.6, p. 7 1/3rd page, p. 8, p. 56.) I think all 4 pages had small color pictures.
44(May 1999-- p. 3, pp. 12-13 two full pages on B7)
53( pp. 22-24 two full pages on Paul Darrow and The Strangerers. Gareth Thomas mentioned p. 24.)
56(p. 5 about B7 movie with color pictures of Darrow and Thomas. About 1/4th page.)
60(p. 10 Gareth Thomas's appearance in two plays is mentioned)
97(Oct. 2003--p. 6 is three-fourths Blake's 7--the proposed movie--with a medium size picture of Blake who isn't even in the movie.)


1 - Winter Special(Dec. 1996-- p. 25 Peter Tuddenham, p. 37.)
4 - Winter Special(Dec. 1997--p. 2, Paul Darrow and a short guide to all 4 seasons of B7 on pp. 18-25, p. 47. Very nice B7 in this.)
5 - Spring Special(May 2000-- p. 77, about 1/4th page on five best episodes.)
7 - Spring Special( p. 81 had 3/4th page.)

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