At the Sign of the Dragon

(thanks to Joyce Bowen)

If you like to collect magazines with B7 content, there is good news. A UK bookstore, At the Sign of the Dragon, has a special snail mail catalog that's 10 pages long with B7 magazines or magazines with B7. It is very detailed and available upon request. Just ask for the B7 catalog.

At the Sign of the Dragon is at 131/133 Sheen Lane, London SW14 8AE, England. The phone number is 020 8876 3855. They do not currently have a website, but they intend to get one soon. They do have Email and it is

I was excited to see several OOP magazines on their list that you cannot get at any price. Most of their prices were reasonable, although a few got pricey. but considering that Starlog tries to sell some of its magazines for 50 dollars on up, even the expensive ATSOTD prices are pretty low.

ATSOTD does ship internationally and does take credit cards. For Americans, they do take dollars cash. Allow four pounds extra for bank charges.

The people at ATSOTD tend to be a little slow to respond to orders, but they do respond. I've been dealing with them for about seven years. However, since I'm an American, that may be the reason for their delay. They might respond much more quickly to UK orders.


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Last updated on 16th of November 2001.