A Blake's 7 zine by Anon, Idem, Kathryn Andersen, Jean Graham, Michelle Moyer, Judith Proctor, David Sanderson, and Susan Beth Schnitiger

illustrated by Kathryn Andersen

edited by Judith Proctor

Limitations is a single story zine originally written as an e-mail collaboration between eight fan writers. Each writer wrote a page or two and then the story so far was sent on to the next writer. We all wrote two instalments, and had absolutely no idea of we would find when it came to our turn. I ended up writing the last section, and I can honestly say that the two writers before me are totally evil-minded people <smile>. Anyone who leaves their victim a cliff-hanger like that deserves to be taken away and shot! It took me nearly a week to come up with a solution...

So, what's the story about? The story is set shortly after 'Weapon'. Blake decides that a return to the Weapons Development Base is in order. Blake and Cally teleport down to collect some weapons that have been traded for in a rather shady deal, while Avon, Vila and Gan go to discover what new weapons are being developed. And then things start to go wrong. An old 'friend' of Avon's appears; Servalan turns up; people start double-crossing one another and Blake and Jenna find themselves in a desperate situation.

This is a story in which every character gets to pay a part, even Zen. It is perhaps unusual in that Gan actually gets a decent role. As the story develops, we get to see how Gan and Avon react to similar situations. Avon believes in survival. What does Gan believe in?


This is very much a plain and simple zine. No fancy bindings, screened artwork or anything else. There's only a couple of pictures. It's an A5 (digest) zine with a card cover, stapled on the spine.

This zine is out of print.

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Last updated on 27th of May 2000.