Southern Seven #4

Mini Review By Sarah Thompson

I wimped out on #5, the double issue (and probably my favorite of all the Southern Sevens, although that's a tough decision to make). I'll do it one of fhese nights when I'm feeling ambitious. In the meantime, here's #4.

Hanneke, you wanted a Pern crossover story-- ta da! See below. It's mostly just cute little fire lizards, though. I have a nagging feeling that I've seen at least one other B7/Pern crossover story, but I can't think where.

In this issue I particularly liked "Where the Dutchman Dwells," an adventure story of the similar-to-an-episode type, but with some eerie overtones. It's a bit like some of Judith Seaman's stories in feel. The Lovett illos are great too, especially the one with Blake holding Avon, Gan holding Vila, and Cally holding a gun and looking very fierce.

By the way, all of the Southern Seven zines have loads more good stuff besides the few personal favorites I'm mentioning, as I hope perusal of the listings will make clear. These zines are outstanding for the mix of different kinds of stories and the high probability of providing something for every fannish taste.


Editor: Ann Wortham
Publisher: Ashton Press (Altamonte Springs, FL)
Date: December 1988

Liz Sharpe, "Missing Person" (S0-S1; V)
Linda Terrell, "Flights" (S1?; Pern crossover; A-B)
Joan Hoffman, "Bubble, Bubble" (S1?; humor)
Susan Glasgow, "Where the Dutchman Dwells" (S2)
Laura Virgil, "A Sticky Situation" (S2; V; humor)
Mary Gerstner, "They Who Trust" (S2; C)
Leigh Arnold, "Liberator vs. the Church Lady" (script; SNL parody; humor)
Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley, "In the Dark" (Hellhound universe; S3)
Sophia Mulvey, "Backlash" (S3; A-hc, V/ocf)
Lynne Alisse Witten, "The Promise" (S4; Rescue; A-C death)
Jean Lorrah, "Dreams" (S3-S4; alt-Terminal; Se)
April Giordano, "Survival" (S4; alt-Orbit; A-V)
Kathryn Andersen, "Moonlight and Vodka" (S3?; V)
Annita Smith, "Through These Walls" (S5; A-V)
Rebecca Ann Brothers, "Recovering" (S5; B monologue)
Katrina Larkin & Susanne Tilley, "The Fool's Tale" (Hellhound universe; S5; V)
Linda Willard, "Reasons" (S5; A-B)
Sheila Paulson, "Kyl" (Jabberwocky universe)
Kathy Hintze, "Promises to Keep" (S5)
Susan Hall & L. A. Carr, "The Phoenix Project: You Only Live Twice" (S5; sequel to "True Colors" in #2)

Ann Wortham, "From the Airlock..." (editorial)
Brendan O'Cullane, "Criss-Cross Puzzle"
Jeff & Mary Morris, "Blakes 7 Groaners" (humor; with cartoons by Christopher Cook)
Brendan O'Cullane, "Quotation Puzzle"
Puzzle answers
"The Hellhound Pop Quiz"
Letters of Comment
Submission Guidelines
Zine ads

Jacqueline Taero, "If I Only Had a Brain, Revised" (f, If I Only Had a Brain, from The Wizard of Oz)
Leah Rosenthal, "Deja Vu"
Leah Rosenthal, "Detection Shield"
Linda Terrell, "Imagery"
Kathryn Andersen, "Honest Man"
Jacqueline Taero, "Eve, Cleopatra, and Thee"
Dani Lane, "Gauda Prime" (f, Home, Sweet Home, by Motley Crue)

Leah Rosenthal front c. V-B (color)
p. 1 B & lion
p. 59 A-B
p. 85 B, A, V, J
p. 89 A
p. 111 cartoon illo for "Church Lady"
p. 142 Les Misrebels cartoon
p. 197 PGP A-B
p. 215 A-B cartoon
p. 241
p. 325 B-Tr cartoon
Adrian Morgan p. 5 "Who Framed Roj Rabbit?"
Suzi Lovett p. 7 A-B-V in Wizard of Oz
p. 69 A; illo for "Dutchman"
p. 75 illo for "Dutchman"
Annita Smith p. 17 V
p. 193 A
Julie Nowak p. 18 cartoon
p. 78 A-Se cartoon
p. 189 GP B-Roger Rabbit cartoon
p. 213 A-B cartoon
p. 306 A cartoon
p. 312 A-PD cartoon
p. 323 Parl Dro-Myal cartoon
p. 327 B cartoon
Maryann Jorgensen p. 20 J-C
p. 30 illo for "Flights"
p. 36 illo for "Flights"
p. 173 A-C
p. 176 A, C
p. 185 A
p. 227 A
Dani Lane p. 42, 44, 47, cartoon illos
50, 53, 56 for "Bubble"
p. 259 ocm; illo for "You Only"
p. 263 B; illo for "You Only"
p. 270 V; illo for "You Only"
p. 271 A; illo for "You Only"
p. 277 illo for "You Only"
p. 283 illo for "You Only"
p. 289 illo for "You Only"
p. 297 illo for "You Only"
Kathryn Andersen p. 57 Tr2
p. 114 B
p. 177 V
p. 179 Se
p. 187 V
p. 188 Ta
Christopher Cook p. 60 Elmer Fudd as Tr
pp. 112-113 cartoon illos for "Blakes 7 Groaners"
p. 240 A, Ta, V as Warner Bros. characters
Laura Virgil p. 81 cartoon illo for "Sticky"
p. 247 V
p. 255 Phoenix Project logo
p. 301 Phoenix Project logo
back c. C-J
Mary Gerstner p. 93 C-Zelda
p. 99 C
p. 107 A-C
p. 184 S4 A - S2 A
Katrina Larkin p. 115 tp for "In the Dark"
p. 198 tp for "The Fool's Tale"
p. 253 Hellhound original characters
p. 304 A; Hellhound cartoon
p. 310 A; Hellhound cartoon
p. 315 Hellhound cartoon
p. 318 B; Hellhound cartoon
p. 321 Ta; Hellhound cartoon
Karen River p. 141 A-Se; illo for "Eve, Cleopatra, and Thee"
Theresa Buffaloe p. 147 A-ocm; illo for "Backlash"
p. 152 V-ocf; illo for "Backlash"
p. 160 A-V; illo for "Backlash"
p. 167 V/ocf; illo for "Backlash"
p. 169 PD
Suzi Molnar p. 208 B-V
p. 212 A-B
Sheila Paulson p. 219 Ta
Lynne A. Witten p. 236 A
Picasso p. 329 A

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