Truth and Consequences

A 5th season Stargate SG-1 gen novel by Judith Proctor.

'Truth and Consequences' is the sequel to 'The Price to Pay'.

In this sequel, the characters are forced up against various personal truths. O'Neill has to deal with the pluses and minuses of his relationship with Kantele, especially when it affects his relationship with Sam. Teal'c has to face up to the most serious consequence of the Jaffa rebellion, including the risk to his friend Rak‘nor and his son Rya'c. Cassandra has to cope with a truth she'd rather not have known about, which forces her to ask some very painful questions. Dr Frasier has to deal with an ethical dilemma that affects her principles as a healer. As for Maybourne... When you‘re Harry Maybourne, truth is a very dodgy commodity and only used as a last resort. His problem is that someone once believed him...

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The story is also online.

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Last updated on 26th of June 2006.