Star Four

Editor: Judith Proctor
Publisher: Waveney (Wimborne, Dorset)
Date: October 2000
Format: A4, [4] + 113 pp., color-printed card front cover with clear plastic overlay, black card back cover, tape binding

Una McCormack, "Under the Influence" (S0; B)
Natasa Tuscev, "The Quality of Memory" (S2, post- Countdown)
Penny Dreadful, "Trap of Glass" (pre-S2; Tr2)
Morrigan, "Trade" (S2)
Nickey Barnard, "London's Burning" (S1, Spacefall)
Una McCormack, "Other People's Problems" (S1, post- Orac)
Neil Faulkner, "How to be Topp on the Liberator" (S1; parody; humor)
Marian de Haan, "Small Revenge" (S2, post-Pressure Point; A/C)
Dana Shilling, "I Know You All" (S3, alt-Rumours; A/Se, B/Anna)
Gillian Taylor, "Rehabilitation" (S3; V-hc)
Gillian Taylor, "Four Little Words" (S4, alt-Orbit; A-V)
Julia Stamford, "A Price to Pay" (S5; A-Se)
Sally Manton, "A Christmas Canto" (based on Dickens, Christmas Carol; S4; A)
Susan Beth, "Logic Puzzle" (S3; story with puzzle)

Judith Proctor, "Editorial"
Susan Beth, puzzle (see above under Fiction)

Andy Hopkinson cover B (altered photo)
Andrew Williams p. [i] Chris Boucher as Bard
p. 1 B
p. 28 B
p. 45 cartoon
pp. 47-8 A; cartoon illos for "How to be Topp"
p. 80 D
p. 90 S4 A
p. 94 Se
Penny Dreadful p. 23 Hand holding eye; illo
Val Westall p. 16 silhouettes; illo for "Quality"
p. 19 A-B
p. 53 A-C
p. 64 A with gun
p. 72 A in Rumours

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