The Price Of Justice

'The Price of Justice' by Ermentrude Postlethwaite Smythe (aka Lillian Sheperd) This zine also includes the short story 'Helltide' by the same writer.


Both these stories were originally printed long, long ago in 'Liberator'.

Click on the image for a larger version.

This is a new edition. The text has been checked by the author and there is new art by Mary O'Conner and Jean Sheward. The original cover art by Casey has been retained, but now appears on cloud, blue cardstock.

Like most of this writer's work, the story features a well thought out plot, an original alien race (beautifully drawn on the zine cover), and an intelligent look at the relationship between Blake and Avon. Cally (as is typical for this writer) is a very positive character.

This is a genzine. There is no sex. None the less, this is a zine that will probably appeal to slash fans simply because it deals with an intense relationship.

There's lots of angst - the story is set in the second season and Avon is on trial for Blake's murder...

Word count 33,700 words.

Sold Out.

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Last updated on 13th of December 2005.