One Night Stand

by Sebastian and Nova

One Night Stand is a Blake's 7 slash novel about Blake and Avon. A casual night of sex between them leads to unforseen consequences and both are left with the problem of dealing with their difficult feelings for the other. Emotions between two such complex characters are never simple and this novel unfolds their developing relationship in all its dark and light shades.

This novel is a collaboration. It was started and greatly developed by Sebastian who has always been one of my (Judith's) favourite B7 writers. For various reasons, she was unable to complete it, but we talked about the story and the ways in which it might end and she asked if I could find a way of completing it. I was unable to do it myself, largely becasue of the increasing difficulties I have in typing and also because my writing style is very different from Sebastian's.

One day, I mentioned the novel to Nova. The rest is history... Nova has matched both Sebastian's style and the ending that Sebastian and I had discussed. She wrote it, I edited it. The result is mostly Sebastian, a fair bit of Nova, and a bit of me in there somewhere as well.

We hope you'll enjoy it as much as we did.

Sold Out.

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Last updated on 20th of March 2003.