All Change

by Judith Proctor

This zine is my reponse to the 'The Sevenfold Crown' and 'The Syndeton Experiment'. I got so cheesed off by Barry Letts' lack of knowledge of the characters and the B7 universe that I decided to see if I could do any better. You can judge for yourself whether the result is any good.

Unfortunately, Brian Lighthill returned it unread ('not looking for any scripts at present'), so I decided to publish it as a fanzine. It's a 4th season story and all of the charcters have a part to play - including Blake.

This zine is in script form and works quite well if read by a group of fans all taking different parts. I've tried this a couple of times with good results - people enjoyed themselves. I've deliberately printed the zine in a cheap A5 format so that multiple copies are cheap if you want to try this.

Review By Tanja Kinkel.

Review By Murray Smith.

Here's the first two scenes-

VILA: Pick a card, any card.
DAYNA:All right, what's the trick?
VILA:You have to pick a card first, then memorise it and put it back in the deck.
SOOLIN:I know that one. Either the cards are all identical or else he marks it with a fingernail as you put it back.
VILA:(offended) I'll have you know that I am a class act, highly skilled at presti... prest... Highly skilled anyway.
SOOLIN:I'll bet.
VILA:Go on, Dayna.
DAYNA:Oh, all right.
VILA:There! I always knew somebody would appreciate me some day.
ORAC:Not you. The teleport project. It was, after all, merely a matter of time before the teleport was developed independently. I have just intercepted a Federation message confirming their willingness to buy the teleport system recently completed by Zebulon Probert of the Feynman Corporation.
DAYNA:A teleport!
SOOLIN:But that's our main advantage over the Federation.
DAYNA:Don't you mean it *was* our main advantage?
VILA:Five of spades! It was the five of spades wasn't it?
SOOLIN and DAYNA:Shut up, Vila!
BLAKE:What is it, Deva? I'm busy.
DEVA:There's something I think you ought to know.
BLAKE:(impatient) Well?
DEVA:I've just been speaking to the project manager...
DEVA:The Federation have seen our test results. They're impressed. They're sending an investigative team from Space Command to run independent tests on the prototype and intend to purchase the system for the military if it functions reliably. They'll be here in three days time.
BLAKE:Then I'd better finish this documentation quickly, hadn't I?
DEVA:That's not all.
BLAKE:(sighs) You're obviously determined to tell me everything.
DEVA:Flight control say the Al-Biruni isn't on her scheduled approach. They should have picked her up on the scanners by now.
BLAKE:So, why tell me? I'm not travelling on her.
DEVA:Probert certainly isn't.
BLAKE:Just what are you implying?
DEVA:That Probert isn't your real name.
BLAKE:Let me get this straight. I'm just about to deliver one of the most important projects this corporation has seen in a decade, and you're trying to tell me that I'm an imposter?
DEVA:(a little nervous) This place may be a dump in the middle of nowhere, but they did hire a good computer security expert. I know my job, Blake.
BLAKEI see. (beat) People looking for me generally have one of three motives. You aren't pointing a gun at me, so we'll eliminate the first one. That leaves you as an amateur rebel or a blackmailer. Which is it?

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Last updated on 15th of October 2008.