by xBryn Lantry

illustrated by Val Westall

cover by Kathryn Andersen

edited by Judith Proctor

Derelicts is a genzine by xBryn Lantry. It's based on events immediately before and after Gauda Prime. The plot is complicated. Servalan is there of course, but almost everybody in this story is working for somebody else, most people are double-crossing at least one other person, and half of them are lying about what they are doing anyway.

Events revolve around Avon. After thinking that he'd killed Blake, he is faced in fairly rapid succession with Blake, Blake's clone, and his own brother. A positive embarassment of riches. Where do Avon's loyalties lie? Does Avon know what he wants himself?

xBryn has a very individual writing style and doesn't believe in making life too easy for the reader. You've got to think about what is going on and to work things out for yourself, on occasion. The characters are complex, their motivations are complex and often multi-layered. The years leading up to Gauda Prime have left their impact on Blake. How did meeting Avon's brother affect him? What was his attitude towards his clone? Is it possible for Blake and Avon to rediscover their old relationship, or have time, events and betrayals taken them both too far from the men that they once were?

This edition is heavily revised from the original version published many years ago in Australia. xBryn's made a lot of changes to the text and it's been edited by yours truly.

Extract from Derelicts

Derelicts is an A4 zine with double column layout and a gloss card cover. Val's artwork has been drawn to illustrate specific scenes from the story. The overall appearance and style of the zine is very similar to my edition of Puppeteer. Comb bound. Word count 46,900.

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Last updated on 18th of May 2006.