The Other Side of the Coin

The Other Side of the Coin - by Jean Airey and Ruth Berman with Laurie Haldeman. illustrated by Gail Bennett.

This is the partner volume to The Totally Imaginary Cheeseboard. While Avon was at the convention, what was happening to Paul Darrow? Stuck on board Liberator, trying to convince Blake that he has no idea how to operate the computers and wondering how he's going to get home again. Janet Lees-Price, Paul Darrow's wife, once played a role in Blake's 7 (Klyn, a techinican who gets shot by Avon in 'Blake') and Klyn is introduced into this story to cause Paul extra confusion. This isn't quite such a good zine as 'Cheseboard', but it's worth reading.

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There is also a third Novel in the Cheeseboard Saga Cost of the Cheeseboard

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