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Winning Is The Only Safety (2): Hide and Seek by Kathryn Andersen (Blake's 7/Highlander)

The sequel to Winning is the Only Safety: First Death. After GP, there are two survivors - Avon, and Vila. Vila ducked, and Avon is immortal.

The price on Vila's head bears fruit: Vila is now in Servalan's hands. Servalan wants Avon and Orac - and Avon wants to be left alone. Servalan searches for Avon, and Avon searches for a mysterious computer hacker. Richie Ryan visits an old friend, but tranquility is not what he gets.

Mortality Rate by Russet McMillan (Highlander)

When an unknown immortal is beheaded outside Joe's bar, it isn't as simple as it seems. Richie gropes for memories from the dead woman's quickening, to try to find out who she was, who killed her... and why. The killer must have been a mortal because the quickening went to Richie. But why kill her outside Joe's bar? Was it a Hunter? An enemy of the Watchers? Or something more personal? As Richie and Joe investigate, more questions arise. And if the answers are wrong... somebody could die.

Other prose and poetry by Kathryn Andersen, Kerry Blackwell, Inga Marie Horwood, and Kate Orman, set in the universes of Blake's 7, Highlander, Babylon 5, and the Tomorrow People.

Note: many of the pieces in this issue are reprints from mailing lists or from the web.

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen and Mary O'Connor. 49800 words, 70 pages. Parchment paper covers.

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