Multi-media genzine edited by Kathryn Andersen

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Voice From The Past by Jenny Hayward (Babylon 5/Highlander)

Just after the events of "Spider In The Web"...

The new negotiator from Futurecorp is more than he appears. Why is he being followed by a man with a tattoo? Why is Delenn disturbed by him? Is Bureau 13 involved? And will Garibaldi manage to unravel these mysteries before someone dies?

Man of the Century by Russett McMillan (Quantum Leap)

Not quite fitting in with the standard QL timeline...

Sam has leaped into a woman dying of cancer. As he and Al try to figure out what Sam has to change, Sam is faced with his own mortality - and wondering if there is ever going to be a way to get home.

Other prose and poetry by Sandra McDonald, Una McCormack, Kymberlee, Deborah Laymon, and Kathryn Andersen, from the universes of Highlander, Blake's 7, VR.5, Forever Knight and Babylon 5.

Note: many of the pieces in this issue are reprints from mailing lists or from the web.

Illustrated by Kathryn Andersen, Photo Phred, Adrienne Losin. 64pp A4, approximately 45100 words. Parchment paper covers.

Available outside Australia from Judith.

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