Dreams and other departures

By Jacqueline Speel

Possible dream sequences, opportunities for non-real inclusions, and other escapes from the series (whether for AUs or otherwise) based upon events therein.

I have tried to create a (reasonably) systematic list of possibilities to act as a checklist, and I make no claim to exclusivity (some of the possibilities have been developed in various ways). Other dreams may, of course, be possible. As with all such 'escapes from reality/into another plotline' due care has to be exercised. (A last sentence along the lines of 'But, dear reader, it was all a dream', with no hints during the story, is usually a cop out. Likewise a character dreaming of a negative outcome and, on waking, making no changes.)

I will consider additions (and bring out a supplementary list if there are enough of them).

See also the List of AUs and Plot seeds.

Season 1

Pre-Way Back

Blake while having his mind rearranged.

Gan while or as a result of the limiter being imposed.

Avon while unconscious for 30 hours.

The Way Back.

Blake, while being told about his past.

Blake after being drugged (between court and the holding cell).

The Clerk of the Records' audio-visual device (as also used by Gan and Cally) has possibilities.


Krell (well, he survived).

Side effects of the suppressant drugs.

Zen's attempt to manipulate Avon, Blake and Jenna.

Cygnus Alpha

Jenna while linked to Zen.

Side effects of the 'disease' and/or the 'cure.'

The Web

Cally or Jenna while under the influence of the Lost.

What the Lost dream about while in inactive mode.


Cally while under torture (possibly deliberate withdrawal from events).

What are the dreams Travis uses dream suppressants against?

Effects of whatever Servalan is seen to drink.

Mission to Destiny

Effects of the Sonovapour.


Part of Sinofar and Giroc's testing.

Sinofar and Giroc while in limbo.

The various characters do go to sleep.

Kiera mutoid while being reprocessed after the episode.

Project Avalon

Avalon while being processed.

The Avalon android while being reprogrammed (by Avon or afterwards).


Gan dreams while his limiter goes wrong - or while it is being repaired.

Disturbances caused by going through the vortex.


Guards while knocked out.

Sarkoff while musing on the historical past. (How would the Twentieth/Twenty First centuries be recalled?)


The younger Ensor while unconscious.


Collective dream on the Liberator.

The elder Ensor while asleep.

Orac making another prediction.

Series 2



Something could be derived from Largo's reference to users of shadow as dreamheads.

Vila after his outing.


Side effects of going through the magnetic barrier.

Side effects of Vila's being given the soma.

Pressure Point

While the characters are unconscious in the church.

Servalan and Travis are stunned by the strontium grenade (possible rather than actual).

Blake is stunned by the collapse of the ceiling.

The Gan-is-only-unconscious scenario. (Or a brainprint is created and he is transferred to someone else/an android.)


Travis after consuming the drink provided by Par.

Par while unconscious after being KO'd by Travis.

Blake as a result of drinking.


Oxygen-deprivation induced nightmare.

Voice from the Past

Blake while the mind control is going on.

Jenna and Blake while he is being treated.


The effects of pataki cakes.

Travis while knocked unconscious.

Effects of the drink Krantor gives Vila.

The Keeper

One of Tara's visions.

Star One

A confused daydream of Blake's (as he has a drink).

Blake after being shot - either on Star One or in the Liberator's med unit.

Travis after first being shot.

Lurena dreams.

Series 3


Avon while unconscious in the escape pod, and then again while asleep in the Mellanbys' base.

Servalan dreams either while making a forced landing or while in the Mellanbys' base (also applies while she is alone in the Mellanby's base).


Avon while knocked unconscious.

Cally and Vila while unconscious.

Dawn of the Gods

Cally dreams.

Harvest of Kairos

Orac wishes to see whether the sopron can enhance its predictive capacities.

Collective dream on the Kairos spacecraft.

Effects of Kairopan.

Rumours of Death

Avon during the five days in prison.

Servalan while in the cellar.


Side effects of the egg activating.

Cally while the entity is using her.


Effects of the decanting and restoral.


Avon has a lucid dream from the beginning of the episode.

Avon while in his drug induced electronic dream. (Not necessarily deliberately on Servalan's part - Avon might suffer a reaction to the drugs.)

Series 4


After-effects of what was done to Avon.

Cally goes into injury-induced hibernation.

Tarrant while unconscious.

Dorian dreams.

The malign influence of the cave.

Orac while damaged/undergoing repair.


Side effects of the Seska's activities.


Effects of the anti-Pylene 50 antidote.


Dayna while under "treatment."


Orac being influenced by RobotMuller.


Avon while unconscious (again).


Gambit's closedown/while the memory unit is being transferred.

Another game by Belkov.


The sand of Virn can affect people's minds (and computers) in various ways. (Various people - Servalan and Tarrant, Servalan's pilot, Vila while under the sand's influence.)


The Scorpio crew react to whatever is used on the Space Princess to keep the passengers quiet.

Dayna while given the drug.


Vila has a worst-case nightmare while on the way to Malodaar.

Travis' fantasy after being rebuffed by Servalan.


Side effects of some of the antidote or its precursors getting spilt.

Lack of oxygen (as in the similar scene on Exbar) in the base.


Collective nightmare in the hut on GP.

Vila after being knocked out in the hut.

Tarrant dreams in the wreck of the Scorpio.

One of Travis' dreams (Blake dies, but Travis never gets to kill him).

The slo-mo has been suggested by some as evidence of a dream.

Post-Gauda Prime

How the characters and the events in which they participated would be viewed from a historical perspective - which may be partial and influenced by the demands of the existing regime.

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