David Maloney

David Produced the First 3 seasons:

Season 1: The Way Back, Space Fall, Cygnus Alpha, Time Squad, The Web,
Seek Locate Destroy, Mission To Destiny, Duel, Project Avalaon, Breakdown,
Bounty, Deliverance, Orac

Season 2: Redemption, Shadow, Weapon, Horizon, Pressure Point, Trial,
Killer, Hostage, Countdown, Voice from the Past, Gambit, The Keeper,
Star One

Season 3: Aftermath, Powerplay, Volcano, Dawn of the Gods, Harvest of Kairos,
City at the Edge of the World, Children of Auron, Rumours of Death,
Sarcophagus, Ultraworld, Moloch, Death-Watch, Terminal

Vere Lorrimer

Vere Produced the forth season:

Rescue, Power, Traitor, Stardrive, Animals, Headhunter, Assassin, Games,
Sand, Gold, Orbit, Warlord, Blake

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Last updated on 07th of May 2002.