Michael E Briant The Way Back, The Web, Project Avalaon, Deliverance (part)
Pennant Roberts Space Fall, Time Squad, Mission To Destiny, Bounty
Vere Lorrimer Cygnus Alpha, Seek Locate Destroy, Breakdown, Orac, Redemption, Killer, Hostage, Countdown, Aftermath, City at the Edge of the World, Ultraworld, Moloch, Assassin (part)
Douglas Camfield Duel,
David Maloney Deliverance (part), Star One, Powerplay,
Jonathan Wright Miller Shadow, Horizon,
George Spenton-Foster Weapon, Pressure Point, Voice from the Past, Gambit
Derek Martinus Trial, The Keeper,
Desmond McCarthy Volcano, Dawn of the Gods,
Gerald Blake Harvest of Kairos, Death-Watch,
Andrew Morgan Children of Auron,
Fiona Cumming Rumours of Death, Sarcophagus
Mary Ridge Terminal, Rescue, Power, Animals, Headhunter, Blake
David Sullivan Proudfoot Traitor, Stardrive, Assassin (part)
Vivienne Cozens Games, Sand,
Brian Lighthill Gold, Orbit
Viktors Ritelis Warlord

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Last updated on 07th of May 2002.