Redemption - a few words from Centauri Prime

A very nice and cosy convention, I must say.

Went out for dinner with the committee on Thursday - the local Chinese restaurant was OK, but a little expensive for the quality, I thought.

I was very surprised and delighted to run into Paso Leati, now the highly regarded Ambassador Mollari. So we drank and made merry for the rest of the weekend. Married to the ruler of the Universe, eh? That's what I call going up in the world.

Of course, Londo also made me feel more at home among all the humans. It was the first time I have visited Earth, and so I was a little nervous. There were only a handful of us Centauri - myself, Londo, the excellent Cartagia... I also enjoyed the Klingon party - they're not truly civilised as we are, of course, but they do at least have some basic knowledge of the importance of fulfilling one's duty to joy.

The Drazi war was amusing, (we won, of course!) though I had hoped we'd be allowed to execute some of the green Drazi for their abduction of Gareth...

But if I were to list every good thing that happened, I'd be here all night, and even I have some important matters of State to attend to...

Urza Jaddo <>

AKA David McIntee

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